Friday, July 31, 2015

The finished product 

After adding some newspaper, a pit of tracing paper and some cool paper items we have the finished card. A pretty great card for this dude to live on

I am going to be adding some items on the shop featuring this dude real soon.

Now for the other masculine card I made. 



Maps can be  very masculine looking. The ripped edge of the map makes it look old and adds character.

The entire order all ready to go

One of the materials I used in this card was little ferns I had pressed last fall it adds such a earthy elegance to the card.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

An old fashion Dude

   I was commissioned to make two men's cards. I haven't done to many man cards,painting dresses     being my forte. But I really enjoyed drawing this dude.
He is done in charcoal and 2HB pencil and took about an hour or two to draw.
This is just a sneak peek tomorrow I will post the finished card along with the other man card I made.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

                                           I'd like to introduce my etsy shop CreekGirlDesigns
In my shop I sell old fashion inspired  handmade cards, collages, and wall art. I am an artist, my favorite medium is watercolor which I use a lot in my cards and wall art. My creations are inspired by the Victorian, and Edwardian, and retro 1940's and 1950's eras



I make each creation a masterpiece, they have character, class, elegance, and quality. 
Victorian and Edwardian homes were beautiful,the one thing that made them warm cozy and beautiful was wallpaper, I love wallpaper! In my cards the paper I use for the background reminds me of wallpaper and it just pulls the cards together so well and gives them that warm elegant look.
I kind of fall in love with each new card and wall art that I make that its kind of hard not to keep it for myself!
Please stop by and visit my shop and see all the old fashion loveliness that my shop has to offer.