Friday, August 14, 2015

My first Studio 

  My first studio ever was very simple I had a dressing table where the mirror folded down which turned it into a desk and that's what I used for a work surface. I emptied my dressing table   drawers of all the beauty items in them and stored my paints, brushes, pencils etc.
I just used a small table top easel to draw and paint on. 
I started out very simple, and it worked very well and I just kept building from there.

My first dresses I painted in watercolor      




Tuesday, August 4, 2015

  Black eye Susan stationary card in watercolor


I can not seem to stop painting these black eye susans. They are just such a cute fun flower yet, there is something super elegant about that.
I love how this card turned out, the flowers make it feel very country and the border makes it very elegant and feminine. The blue dots just make everything pop.


This card is done in water color( the flowers and any blue) and the vines on the border are done in color pencil. 
I have had very good luck painting watercolors right on card stock, well, that is if you do it very careful, if you mess up and try to lift the paint, that is when you take a clean brush with clean water and brush it over the spot you want to lift and then blot with paper towel, when using watercolor paper it works like a dream but with card stock you try to do that and the paper starts rubbing off and looks horrible. But with these flowers I have no problem!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Best Thing About Summer: Flowers


When I think about summer I think about long country walks, everything is lush and green and there are tons of wild flowers: Black eye Susan , tall Bellflower's, and Queen Anne's lace

I can't seem to stop painting Black eye Susans they are just so much fun to paint and I can do them very fast.

Flowers make my soul happy!