Friday, January 17, 2014

A Game of Catch

Everyone loves to talk. Whether we are talking to someone we haven't seen in a while, to friends or to family, everyone loves to talk

Who doesn't like a good conversation?

But how often when we talk to someone do we actually have a conversation?

Do both parties get to talk an equal amount of time?  Or, do we so love the sound of our own voices that we tend to steal the conversation without letting others get a word in edgewise? Sometimes when the other person finally gets a chance to talk its easy to go into what I call the "brick wall mode." That is to say, a bored and put out look on our face while staring off in space until the other person is done talking.

 The art of conversation is like a game of catch.

We all know how to play catch.  Someone throws us a ball and you catch it and throw it back to them.

A game of catch is just like a conversation should be.  Someone throws you the ball of conversation with a hello or a question.  Are you going to be selfish by keeping the ball of conversation and keep right on talking?  Or, are you going to throw the ball of conversation back their way?

Just remember how fun a game of catch is when you throw the ball to someone and they throw it back to you.

Stay classy and play catch

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