Monday, January 27, 2014

High Heels
 Early 1940's Heels <3!
Heels are a way to add instant class to an outfit.
There is just something about heels that makes you feel feminine and walk like a lady, unless the heels are so high that you end up looking like a child who's just learning to walk.

Oh how I love Mary Janes    .
My favorite kind of heel to wear is the Mary Jane pump. For me, they are the most comfortable.
Mary Jane's are the best kind of heel to wear with tights.

Black pumps. A wardrobe staple!
Black pumps a wardrobe staple
The classic black pump is a shoe that no lady should be with out.

Skirts that hit around your ankle or a few inches above your ankle can make you look frumpy or slouch when you walk if you aren't wearing heels


Wearing flats with the skirt shown above looks frumpy.  But, the heels turn it form frumpy to classy.

Don't get me wrong I love to wear flats too. But, you should wear them with either a knee-length or  maxi dress or skirt.
White Satin Ruffle Ankle Strap Dress High Heel
 The skyscraper heel.
I only wear long skirts with heels this high.  I think that a long flowing skirt and the skyscrapers look very ladylike and classy.  Anything shorter could send the wrong kind of message and just doesn't look classy


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