Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February:Valentines in the making

Last week we had a snow storm. I got sent home from work early. It was a fun adventure driving home in all the snow, I can safely say that since I didn't have any troubles even though there was a good five inches of snow on the roads. I just took in nice and slow. And then I had a nice cozy day in my studio drinking tea and making valentines.

Here I have all my Valentine making supplies  papers, stickers, lace and illustrations all laid out where I can see all of them in one spot so I can see what looks good together.
There are certain standards I have for valentines, here are my keywords that I use.
Pink, red, roses, heart, lace, old fashion, fancy lettering/ lovely handwriting,elegant, old fashion, feminine, and romantic


                                                  Here's a little peek at some of  what I made

This is one of my favorites. And it meets my standards. Its pink, old fashion, has roses on it, its romantic looking and the pearls gives it an especially feminine look.

This one isn't exactly a valentine, its wall art that was valentine inspired, its elegant, red, roses, old fashion, fancy lettering, and feminine

December was crazy busy for me, since is was the busy season I worked a ton of hours and any days off I had I was Christmas shopping.
January was not as busy as December but still had its crazy moments.
But now its slowed down and is quite which is very lovely. I have more time to do the things that got put on the back burner.

My goals are to paint a bunch and get prints made. Get at least three stationary cards painted and printed. Do more posts here. Go through my clothes and get rid of the items I don't wear and trailer the ones that don't fit me properly.
I'm in the mood to do a lot of cleaning and organizing.


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